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Kinondo Kwetu – The Beach

Africa | 10.25.11

After three incredible nights in the Mara, we headed to Kinondo Kwetu, a small resort on the south end of Diani Beach for some R&R (no early wake-up calls or schedules!). The vibrant turquoise of the warm Indian Ocean instantly relaxed us, and we spent 4 blissful days enjoying the sun, sand and more incredible food.

The resort only accommodates 38 people, and when we were there only ten other people were checked in.  We felt like we had to place to ourselves which is exactly what we wanted for our honeymoon.  On our first day they served us lunch in a shipwreck on the beach that they had converted into a lunch table.

Guests could congregate for cocktails before and after dinner, or for a game of backgammon or chess, in the beautiful common rooms at the resort. The food was top notch, generally involving fresh seafood they had caught that day.

Most mornings we would start the day with delicious Kenyan coffee on the beach.  We would follow that with a strenuous walk 100 ft up from the beach to the restaurant for breakfast, followed by more relaxing on the beach, until it was time for another feeding around noon.  From our cabana on the beach we spent hours relaxing, reading and staring at the sea.  And taking pictures, of each other (never together), because that’s what happens when you’re on your honeymoon on what feels like a deserted island.

The weather was perfect and sunny, with the occasional tropical shower to cool things off midday.  In these pics below a bunch of local fishermen are racing a fast approaching storm as they head back to their village with the day’s catch.

Most days it honestly felt like we were at a private resort on our own private beach – it was heaven.  One morning we got up at sunrise for a snorkel trip and visit to these sand bars that appear out in the ocean at low tide.  The water of the Indian Ocean was the most incredible color I think I have ever seen, and it was so warm.

(I seriously love the Valencia filter on insta so much – if only my skin looked like this in real life. ;))

Once we got to the sand bar we hopped out and walked around in the warm clear water.  We had a little breakfast on the boat and then jumped back in for more snorkeling.

On our last morning at the resort, we took our coffee to a cabana and just stared at the Indian Ocean, feeling totally recharged, madly in love, and grateful for the most incredible honeymoon either of us could have ever imagined. 🙂

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