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Lunch in Ammoudi

Europe | 9.20.14

We woke up to another perfect day and ordered breakfast to the room so we could enjoy the spectacular views from our terrace.  Why can’t I start every day like this??

After a delicious breakfast we spent a little more time by the pool before venturing into town and down to Ammoudi – a fishing village right on the water below Oia.

Basically everywhere I looked I wanted to take a photo.  So basically that’s exactly what I did.

We walked through the small town and found the steps that wound their way down the cliff to the water.

There were lots of donkeys lining the stairs to help carry people or goods up or down the route.  I loved all the vibrant colors in Greece – set against the white buildings and deep blue sea made everything come alive and really pop.

We arrived in Ammoudi at lunchtime and took a friend’s recommendation to eat at Sunset.  There are only a few restaurants in this tiny village on the water so you can’t miss it.  It was great – all the seafood was so fresh, the wine cold, and the views can’t be beat.

This was truly waterfront dining.

A view of Ammoudi with Oia above.

Our waiter at lunch told us about a great place to take a dip just a little ways from the village.  There was a little dirt path that we followed out around the point.  I snapped this pic looking back at Ammoudi.

As we came around the point we saw a big rock that a number of people seemed to be swimming towards.  As we got closer we could see a ledge about 20 ft or so high that you could climb to and jump off.  Chris immediately jumped in the water and I stayed on the rocks to “take a pic.”  Really it was just crazy windy, the water was kinda cold (I’m such a wuss), and I was nervous about leaving my nice camera equipment just lying around.

I have to admit, it did look like a lot of fun.  It was crazy windy right in this spot, so after Chris did his cliff jump we decided to head back up to the hotel and relax by the pool instead, which was a bit more protected.  We remembered a lot of stairs on the way down, but there seemed to be a whole lot more on the way back up.

We definitely worked off our lunch.  Taking pictures of the beautiful views of Ammoudi bay was a great excuse to catch my breath from time to time.  (Confession: I took a lot of pics like this).

Hiking back up to our hotel was a seriously good workout, and it felt so amazing to jump straight into the pool.  Followed of course by our daily serving of the best figs on the planet and a cold glass of rose.  This place is heaven.


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