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Family | 3.03.17

I love this photo so much!  This was the first day I was able to get Arabella’s hair into pigtails – a moment I had been waiting impatiently for since the second I found out I was having a little girl.  🙂  This was one of the last warm days of the fall last September and I had just gotten my new Canon 5D Mark IV camera for our 5 year anniversary present.  This was the first time I shot with it and it did not disappoint!  A lot of my favorite pictures of the kids are from random days/times where I just happened to take my camera out and about with us.  It is such a pain to lug around a big DSLR camera all the time (although having a stroller to put it in helps), but I feel it is so worth it when I look back on some of these special memories that I never would have captured and remembered otherwise.

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