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Snow Tubing

Family | 3.16.17

It was so awesome to be able to walk right out of the house where we were staying and be able to play with the kids in the snow.  There was a great little hill right next to the house that was perfect for tubing and sledding for the kids.  Declan was in heaven, and I was shocked at the seemingly endless supply of energy he had trudging through the snow.  (Well, not quite endless – see pic above where Dad got to carry the tube and D. :))

Best Daddy ever and one seriously happy kid.  He declared “I love the mountains!” about a dozen times during the trip and has asked several times since “When can we go back?”

I think we went up and down the hill at least 20 times.  His snowsuit was also amazing and kept him warm and dry the entire time.

My turn for the kid-shoulder-carry up the hill.  Link to my ski sweater here.

“Mommy, run and do spins!”

Finally, he was worn out (and we were half dead).  We all slept well that night (which was the best gift of all!).

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