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Sledding & Skiing in Aspen

Family | 3.19.17

MY SWEATER: Tory Sport  //  MY PANTS:  Aether Apparel  //  MY JACKET: Marmot  //  MY BOOTS:  Sorel  //  DECLAN’S SNOWSUIT: Obermeyer //  DECLAN’S BOOTS:  Kamik Carver

It was so unseasonably warm while we were in Aspen (50-60 degrees every day!) that towards the end of our trip a lot of the snow in the lower areas had melted away.  While this made tubing a little harder, Declan still loved riding on the “sled train” – aka one of us would pull him around the snow by a rope connected to a sled.  It was really great to spend so much time playing outside in the fresh mountain air.  Anytime we asked Declan what he wanted to do, the answer was always “Play outside in the snow!” (A welcome break from the ever popular “Watch Paw Patrol!”).


Before this trip I hadn’t been skiing in years, so I used it as an excuse to update my ski wardrobe.  I was super into the retro look of this Tory Sport ski sweater and loved the fit of these ski pants so much I bought them in 2 colors (unnecessary).  I got my white ski jacket and Declan’s snowsuit both at REI and they were great.  My Sorel snow boots I have had for years and they are the best for trekking through the snow.

I got to sneak away for a few hours of skiing with friends while my amazing, incredible, wonderful, generous, handsome, smart, witty, talented husband (with a bum knee so can’t ski) watched the kids.  (I love you!)  It was so much fun being back on skis and it made me want to make this an annual family trip.

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