Location | Aspen

Owl Creek Ranch

Family | 3.22.17

On our drive back to the house from town after our gondola trip up to the top of Ajax, we drove past this beautiful little horse farm on Owl Creek Ranch Rd.  Bella LOVES horses almost as much as “woof-woofs”, so we pulled over and got out of the car so she could see them up close.  She can’t say “horse” yet but she makes this clicking sound that I make when I play with her favorite horse toy to make the sound of its hooves clacking on the ground (not sure that made any sense.)  Anyway, she got so excited and kept looking at me and then pointing and making that click-clack sound.  This one horse was SO friendly and came right up to us to pose for some pictures.  I’m guessing we weren’t the first people to stop to visit, although given the horse’s enthusiasm in greeting us I think most visitors bring treats (sorry, buddy).  I think we were only out of the car for about 8 minutes total, but it was such a fun little stop on our trip and I love this pic Chris took of us.  I remember the look on her face so well in that moment – just pure wonder and excitement.

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