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Charleston | 4.04.17

MY DRESS: Ella Moss  //  MY SUNGLASSES: Marc Jacobs  //  ARABELLA’S DRESS: Ralph Lauren (this was actually a gift from when she was born that she finally fits into!  Similar style here and here.)  //  DECLAN’S SHIRT:  Egg Baby

We went to Charleston for a little vacation last week and had the most amazing time!  We just fell in LOVE with this great town and I already can’t wait to go back.  The weather was perfect – 75 and sunny basically every day – which made walking around the charming streets that much more enjoyable.  Especially when I had an iced lavender latte from Black Tap Coffee in hand.  (They are incredible and I had to get one every. single. day.)  I rented a double stroller while we were there (much easier than trying to deal with ours through the airport) from Baby’s Away, and we also rented a car (with car seats so we didn’t have to bring those either) so we could do some exploring outside of the city.  (Note: If you are renting a car in Charleston do NOT rent from Thrifty/Dollar as they are located offsite and you have to take a shuttle bus to get there.  Total fail.  All the other car rental agencies are right inside the airport next to baggage claim and super easy.)  We stayed at The Dewberry, a great new hotel on Meeting Street.  They have valet parking which made everything with the rental car very easy.  They also have the NICEST staff – everyone from the concierge staff to the valet guys to everyone working at their great restaurant, Henrietta’s (they open at 7am for breakfast and we were generally there with the kids by 7:30am everyday), went out of their way to make our stay wonderful.  Even one of the maids stopped me in the hall to ask if we were the family staying at the end of the hall.  I sheepishly said yes thinking she was going to tell me our room was the messiest on the floor, but instead she said how she LOVED cleaning our room because she thought all of Arabella’s little shoes were the cutest.  I just laughed and said thanks, realizing then and there that people really are a whole lot nicer in the south.

On our first full day there I arranged to take one of those horse-drawn carriage tours of the historic district with the kids to get the lay of the land (and because Bella LOVES horses).  We had some time to kill before our 11am pickup at the hotel (they picked us up in a golf cart which Declan thought was so cool), so we grabbed our iced coffees and headed down King Street.

We came across this gorgeous building which was apparently the Charleston Library Society.  Bella is obsessed with steps right now, so Chris and I traded off walking up and down the marble stairs with her for probably at least 20 minutes.

After a while, Declan was ready to leave.  His expression and hand gesture in this pic below cracks me up.  “HOW many times can you seriously walk up and down these stairs?!”

We then headed back to the hotel and off for our private carriage ride with Charleston Carriage Works.  The kids were so excited to see the enormous Belgian Draft horses up close, and it was really fun to cruise around the city in the open carriage.

I can’t remember why Bella was staring at her brother like this but this pic cracks me up.  I think he had wanted to sit on my lap which she was just not having haha.  I fed her a bottle while we were on the carriage ride and she got super sleepy and needed some cuddles.

She totally passed out on me like that and it was the best.  I don’t know if there is any better feeling in the world than sleepy baby snuggles.  🙂  After the carriage ride we got lunch and walked around south of Broad while Arabella napped in the stroller.  We then headed to the Charleston Children’s Museum of the Low Country, which was just a couple blocks from our hotel.  Declan thought this was the greatest place ever.  Bella barfed about 5 minutes after we got there (if you work at the museum and are reading this, I am STILL SO SORRY!).  No idea why – I guess something at lunch didn’t sit right (and thankfully it didn’t happen again), but I ran out of there with her as fast as I could and went back to the hotel to get a handle on the situation while the boys enjoyed some father-son time at the museum.  After she got whatever it was that she didn’t like out of her system, Bella was ready to party again (a literal boot & rally).  We got cleaned up and met the boys at the park across the street from the hotel so they could burn off a little more energy before dinner.  We ate at Henrietta’s at the hotel that night (I wanted to stay close to home in the event the pukes returned), and then headed out for an evening stroll before bedtime.  A (nearly) perfect first day.


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  1. As I said in my email, you are a wonder woman. To be able to create such an exquisite site which will document your lives for your children and their grandchildren as well as for your friends and family today is nothing less than astonishing. It’s one thing to do something, but you have a day job, 2 tiny children and a husband and now a farm and an apartment in NY. WOW! Literally takes my breath away.
    Congratulations you are not only smart, beautiful and a good person, but I think you are also a talented photographer and writer.
    Proud to call you family!

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