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We Bought The Farm!

Family | 4.04.17

We bought the farm!  Literally (thankfully not figuratively) – we’re still alive!  At least until this charming moneypit sucks the life right out of us, but look – WE HAVE A BARN!  The barn has bats, which initially freaked me out, but then I was told that the property has practically no mosquitos because the bats eat them all, so now I love my bats.  We are SO incredibly excited about this new chapter for our family – the kids are so happy running around out there it just makes my heart burst.  We aren’t leaving the city, but will escape to this little slice of bucolic heaven as much as we can.  ALSO, we will be doing a bunch of work on the main house (and eventually the outbuildings as well) and I will be posting about the whole renovation as we go.  Wish us luck!

The stone part of the house dates back to 1820!

The kitchen is so cozy ↑ and I completely fell in love with this amazing study ↓.

The stables!

The barn!  (The bats are sleeping.)


My happy boy.  🙂

This picture is all blurry but it’s the only one I have of the 4 of us so I’m posting it anyway.  FARMERS.

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5 thoughts on “We Bought The Farm!

  1. What an absolute idyllic slice of Heaven!! I can’t wait to see what you create, and the delight on your babies’ faces as they get to enjoy all that open space. Congratulations!

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