A Good Friday

Family | 4.15.17

Last night was so beautiful.  After we fed the kids dinner we grabbed the stroller and headed out to enjoy the last hour or so of sunshine in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  As we were walking out the door I grabbed my camera and I am so glad I did – the light down by the river was amazing.  I actually shot all of these in black and white, as I love high contrast, backlit black and white photos.  They looked great when I was shooting, but then when I uploaded them and saw them in color I ended up liking that even more (the matching yellow and red accents – I swear I didn’t plan that!  But I do get their clothes from the same places generally so that helps ;)).  I left a couple photos in black and white as well just for a different look.  Tonight we are coloring Easter eggs with the kids and I am putting together their Easter baskets after they go to sleep.  🙂  I am SO excited for the 83 degree weather we are supposed to have in NYC tomorrow!  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

I just love that golden hour glow so much.

Mom, WHY are you sticking your nose in my ear?!

My big boy – before I know it I am sure he will be 6’4″ and I will be looking up to him like this in his own right.  No matter how big he gets though he will always be my baby.  🙂

He was so excited to wear his vest so he could be “just like Daddy.”

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