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Sullivan’s Island

Charleston | 4.19.17

ARABELLA’S SWIMSUIT: Janie & Jack  //  ARABELLA’S DRESS:  Hemant & Nandita  //  MY SWIMSUIT: Seafolly (sold out, similar here)  //  MY DRESS: Hemant & Nandita (sold out, similar here)

We had the most amazing weather when we were in Charleston at the end of March – basically 75 and sunny every day.  It was such a nice taste of summer after what felt like an incredibly long winter in NYC, so we decided to get out of town and spend a day at the beach with the kids.  There are several great beaches within 30 minutes of Charleston, and we decided to go to Sullivan’s Island which was one of the closest options and had great reviews.  We headed out there late morning and drove down Middle Street (basically the island’s main street which has all the restaurants and shops).  We picked up lunch to go from The Obstinate Daughter (which was amazing – I highly recommend the farro salad, geechie fries and their delicious pizzas) so we could have a little beach picnic – there was ZERO chance the kids were going to sit through lunch in a restaurant when they knew the beach was just down the street. 🙂  As we were en route I realized we had no beach toys for the kids, so we popped into Sealand Adventure Sports and picked up some sand toys and a kite (which was a HUGE hit on our windy beach day).

The beach was long and flat and had the softest sand.  The water was still really cold, but there was this little tidal pool where the water was only about 6-12 inches deep and had been warmed up by the midday sun.  It was like a warm bath and was perfect for the kids (and the adults).  I think we must have sat in there and played for over an hour.  Arabella was too young to remember the beach from last summer, so for her it was like seeing the beach for the first time.  She LOVED playing in the water and sand.  I can’t wait for it to get warm so we can all head back to the beach together.  Declan had so much fun building sea walls and playing in the tidal pool.  The biggest hit though was the kite.  Chris (with Declan’s help of course) got it flying so high and Declan was so proud!  He loved holding onto the end of the kite string and running up and down the beach with it.  I left my big camera at the hotel, and for most of the day tried to leave our small camera and phones in the bag so we could just focus completely on the kids and playing with them.  I get so worried about how much our kids see us on our phones, and Chris and I are both trying to be better at putting it away and just being fully present in the moment with them.   But Bella looked so stinkin’ cute in her little bathing suit I just had to snap a few pics.  🙂

I couldn’t resist getting these adorable dresses/coverups for Bella and me by this awesome brand I just discovered – Hemant & Nandita.  Bella was obsessed with the pom poms on her dress, and kept walking around as if she knew she looked adorable in it.  When we finally got back to the hotel and I took it off of her she started crying and tried to put it back on haha.  The picture above cracks me up because she has also recently discovered a love of sunglasses.  She will put them on and then make a face that is a combo of thinking she’s really cool and being really proud of herself for wearing sunglasses.  (Above she’s making more of an “I’m cool” face.)

I love my little mini!  She is so sweet and fun and Chris and I love seeing her little personality come out more and more with each passing day.  We always bond so much when we travel together – I think it’s something about being in a new place, experiencing new things together, and having only us to rely on.  I always feel like it brings us closer together as a family.  It is also exhausting and hard and you often come home feeling like you need a vacation after your vacation, but I still think it’s totally worth it to share these special times and make these memories together.

We left the beach around 5pm after a fantastic day playing in the sun, sand and sea.  We stopped for ice cream on the way home, which caused Declan to declare it the Best Day Ever.  After he ate all his ice cream (vanilla, of course) he then promptly fell asleep in the car, and stayed asleep as we carried him back up to the hotel room.  As I stared at his sweet little sleeping angel face I had to agree – Best Day Ever.  🙂

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