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Family | 4.29.17

I was sick with strep throat all last weekend (stay tuned for a coming post on new(ish) mom health, or rather the lack thereof), and I was finally able to get out of the house with the kids on Sunday afternoon for an ice cream treat and a walk around the neighborhood.  The weather was beautiful and it felt so good to get some fresh air and stretch my legs after being cooped up inside for a couple days.  The worst part about being sick for me is not being able to snuggle and kiss my kids.  It makes my heart hurt.  So in lieu of that, I found myself looking at pictures and making a mental list of all the cute things they are doing and saying now, which I thought I would share here.  🙂


He started talking a little bit late (we have had him in speech therapy for the last year) and now he won’t shut up and comes up with the funniest (and sometimes sweetest) stuff.  It is so fun to hear how his mind is working and trying to understand the world around him.  Lately, he has been all about attempting to negotiate for things he wants.  A few examples: 1. He wants to take a bath – “Mommy, you look pretty dusty.  I think you probably need to take a bath to get clean.  I can help you.” (no idea why he says dusty and not dirty haha).  2. He wants to eat chocolate – “Daddy, I was thinking, that maybe I could eat something.  I was thinking, I don’t know, maybe something brown?  I think that’s a good idea.”

He is such a sweet kid and has the biggest heart.  I love how he shows his love which is something we have always tried to encourage.  A lot of mornings he will come into our room between 5-6am to “cuddle” and “get cozy” which is so cute it *almost* makes up for how early it is.

He loves it when I dress up.  I recently got a new dress that I am wearing to a friend’s wedding in a couple weeks and I tried it on to show Chris for his opinion.  When Declan saw me he ran over and just hugged me and said “Mommy!  You look just like a princess.”  He then wouldn’t leave my side while I had the dress on.  I melted.  And wished I had a reason to wear a gown every day.  He did this around the holidays too, but that time told me I looked like an angel.  This kid has serious game (and me wrapped around his little finger).

He always wants to help.  If we are cooking anything, taking out the recycling, doing the laundry, making coffee, washing dishes – he is there and wants to help us do it.  Today I had to leave on a business trip and Chris and the kids drove me to the airport (the ULTIMATE sign of love for New Yorkers).  Declan insisted on wheeling my overstuffed and heavy carry-on bag all the way from our apartment to our car for me.

He loves to travel.  I am so happy about this!  He loves to go places with us, likes airplanes and trains and cars, and loves to experience new things (as long as those new things are not food, which he still mostly hates).

He loves to sing.  Songs from school and the movies Sing! (I’m Still Standing) and Moana (Shiny) are top of the list at the moment, which is a welcome break from Jingle Bells, which he sang, constantly, for about 5 months straight.


She is still my little snugglebug.  Her happy place is in my arms, on my lap or literally laying on top of me.  Every night at bedtime I still get in the rocker with her and she snuggles right in.  Most nights she falls asleep there, and I try my best to transfer her to her crib without waking her up.  I love those moments in the rocker with her so so much.

She is obsessed with books.  She is constantly getting books from the book shelf and bringing them to us saying “Book please, book please.”  Although, it sounds more like “book peas” and nothing is cuter than her saying it in her little voice, looking at you all hopeful for a story.  I love how much she loves to read, and our story times together are so much fun.

She is such a good mommy.  She has a little baby doll and baby stroller and she pushes them around everywhere, and with such purpose.  If I sing Rock-a-bye-baby she will pick up the baby and rock it, and then make a snoring sound to let me know baby is sleeping.  It is so cute and cracks me up every time.

She doesn’t say the names of animals (except for “bear”), but she says the sounds they make.  A dog is a “woof-woof”, a cat is a “meow”, a mouse is a “squeak”, a duck is a “quack quack” or sometimes a “gaga” – no idea on that one, a horse is a “click-clack” for the sounds of its hooves, and her favorite is a lion which is a “RAWR!”  She loves to roar like a lion and thinks it’s hilarious when Chris and I pretend to be scared.  She will chase us around the apartment doing her lion roar and laughing.

She is super ticklish.  Her giggle fits when being tickled are so cute, and almost immediately result in hiccups.

She idolizes her big brother and basically wants to do whatever he is doing (right now she is constantly trying to ride his scooter, which he is less than thrilled about).

She eats everything.  Thank goodness I have at least one good eater!  I don’t know if kids just come out with different personalities and opinions about food or if it really is all on the parents and how/when you introduce things (probably a mix of both).  With Bella I followed a method called Baby Led Weaning (not to the letter, but the general gist of it), and it seemed to work really well.  If you’re reading this and have a baby in that 6-12 months age zone you might want to check it out.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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