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Cherry Blossoms

Family | 5.05.17

Last Friday, I left work a little early and jumped on the subway to meet Chris and the kids at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens to see the cherry blossoms.  I loved our visit last year at this time, and we were going to be out of town the next three weekends so this was my last chance to see them all in bloom.  Due to subway delays, I got there at 5:45pm and they close at 6pm.  I had to beg my way in as the ticket desk was already closed (thank you nice security guard!).  We were only there for about 20 min but it was totally worth it – everything on the Cherry Esplanade was in peak bloom.  (You can check to see how the trees are blooming here.)  It honestly looked like they were huge fake pink pom-poms stuck on sticks – I have never seen such thick blossoms!

We could not have asked for a more gorgeous evening – mid-70’s and sunny with a warm breeze that felt like the best of summer.  As they announced the closing of the gardens all the people began to leave, and for a few blissful minutes it felt like we had the entire place to ourselves – a very rare feeling anywhere in NYC.

Declan wanted to touch the “pink trees” but we weren’t quite tall enough.

I kicked off my shoes and ran around in the grass with the kids until a security guard kicked us all out.  Declan didn’t understand why we had to leave and kept saying “Why is the garden closing?  It’s still morning time!” (D’s way of saying it was still sunny out 🙂 ).  Aforementioned security guard wasn’t as amused as I was by his cute 3 year old logic.  So we headed back to our car, had a sing-a-long to the soundtracks from Sing! (I’m Still Standing) and Moana (Shiny) – we literally listen to those 2 songs about 10 times a day and I think it is the cutest thing ever to hear Declan sing along with his little voice! – and stopped in Cobble Hill for some ice cream on the way home, not ready for this lovely evening to come to an end.

Goofball 🙂

I love Bella’s face is this ice cream photo ↓ so much.  It’s the face she makes when I say “Say cheese!” 🙂

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