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An Oasis in Buenos Aires

Argentina | 6.09.17

The weekend after we were in Santa Fe we had another friend’s wedding in another fabulous destination – Buenos Aires!  I actually had an exchange student from Argentina when I was in high school, and the following summer I went down and lived with her family for a few months, which was the last time I was in BA.  I was so excited to go back and rediscover this awesome city.  An added benefit is that Chris’ stepmom lives in the Nordelta suburb just north of BA (which is also where the wedding was), so we stayed with her and were able to get in some good family time as well.  (Her beautiful pool is pictured above!)  We took the Thursday afternoon redeye down, which meant we arrived around 4am on Friday morning.  One of Chris’ stepbrothers picked us up at the airport (Thank you, G!), and took us back to the house so we could sleep a few more hours.  Weird flight times aside, we adjusted really easily as there is only a 2 hour time difference from New York.  We got up in time for brunch (which thankfully included dulce de leche on toast – my favorite! – I might have also put it in my coffee, shhh), hung at the house for a bit, and then got ready for the rehearsal dinner early and headed into town to explore for a few hours.

The rehearsal dinner was at La Cabrera Norte in the Palermo Soho neighborhood of BA, which was my favorite part of the city for restaurants, bars, and shopping with charming streets and beautiful architecture.  A friend of mine is one of the founders of Oasis Collections, a more luxe take on vacation apartment rentals that started in BA over a decade ago and now has expanded to cities around the globe.  Not only are the homes themselves vetted and curated by the Oasis team to ensure quality properties in the best destinations, but your stay comes with a full concierge service and other hotel amenities – the one element that vacation rentals really lack when compared to hotel stays (well, that and room service).  In BA they have even built this awesome members club – The Clubhouse – (very much a Soho House vibe) to serve as a more of  a boutique hotel food & beverage experience for travelers staying in their apartments throughout the city, as well as many well-heeled BA locals focused in the creative industries.  We headed over to The Clubhouse for drinks (very early for BA standards, hence we had the place to ourselves which was actually awesome).  The decor and set up was very cool – indoor/outdoor seating with a great bar downstairs that opened into a backyard area complete with a beautiful swimming pool.  It had been raining the whole day so it wasn’t exactly pool party weather, but when the weather is nice I could imagine this being a heavenly escape from city life.  We liked it so much we actually came back for their famous Sunday brunch (which was delicious).  Being able to use this space is a huge selling point for staying in an Oasis vacation rental if you’re in BA (and they actually have 4 hotel rooms for let upstairs if you wanted to stay on site).  This is not a sponsored post btw, I just really liked it!

The outdoor living room ↑ and pool area ↓.

The outdoor bar ↓.

Our delicious cocktails ↓.

One of the many cool seating areas in the clubhouse ↓.

The next day we hung with family at the house and then headed to the wedding at a beautiful venue in Nordelta.  The sun came out after days of rain just in time to bless the happy couple!  The next day we did a bunch of sightseeing around BA, but I will put all that in another post because this is already super long.  🙂


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