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Piazza Navona + Date Night

Europe | 8.01.17

MY DRESS:  La Ligne  //  MY SHOES:  Céline (old)  //  MY EARRINGS: Mignonne Gavigan  // ARABELLA’S TOP:  Dinui

On our last night in Rome before we headed up to Tuscany, I got more dressed up than I normally would for dinner with the kids.  My amazing parents had offered to babysit so Chris and I could have a special dinner date night to celebrate his birthday.  (Happy birthday my love!!!)  This La Ligne dress has become my absolute favorite go-to dress in my whole closet – chic, flattering, comfortable, doesn’t really wrinkle (perfect for travel), and – the kicker – it has pockets.  It might actually be the most perfect dress ever made.  When I saw this adorable top on Maisonette I knew we needed to have a mother-daughter twinning moment – Bella is already getting opinionated about her outfits so I know my days of choosing her clothes are numbered.  She insisted on wearing her pink jellies this night, and the only way I got her to keep the shirt on was showing her that it matched the inside of mommy’s dress (which thankfully she thought was a good thing).  🙂  We walked with my parents and the kids to Piazza Navona to help get some of their energy out before leaving for our date.  First stop was the gorgeous Bernini fountain in the middle of the piazza – La Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (translation: The Fountain of the Four Rivers) built in 1651.  All the fountains we passed in Rome were a hit with the kids as they love everything to do with water . . . except for swimming lessons (obvs).  Way too practical.

Pretty sure we were breaking some sort of rule by going past the guard rails and right up to the water, but luckily the carabinieri didn’t come after us.

Realizing that it would probably not be awesome for the kids to be soaking wet for dinner, I finally wrangled them back outside the railing.  Bella was not happy with me and would not even think about smiling in the pic below (but at least stopped crying like she was in the pic above).  Blood sugar was running low and emotions were running high!

But the sight of another fountain started to turn things around.

She kept trying to climb over the railing to take a dip – very La Dolce Vita of her.  She just didn’t understand why she couldn’t get in the big kiddie pools.  🙂  Declan enjoyed taking on the role of bossy big brother and kept telling her “No Bella you can’t go swimming!  Stop climbing!”  And then she would look at him and scream in his face.  Charming.

After we ran from fountain to fountain a few more times, we helped my parents and the kids get settled at a restaurant before heading off to our dinner at Al Moro.  How cute are my parents in this pic below??  This September they will be celebrating 49 years of marriage, which is so weird because my mom is only 52 years old whatever don’t overthink it people.  Total #marriagegoals these two.  🙂  I am so happy we were all able to take this trip together and make such wonderful (and clearly well-documented) memories.

They were real troopers (as were all the other restaurant patrons) for when Chris and I went to leave the kids started crying (no, WAILING) as if we had just said we were leaving them alone on the street forever.  They can both be so dramatic and it both breaks my heart and makes me want to laugh at the same time.  We left anyway but I still felt sick about it so I texted my mom 3 minutes later to see if everything was OK.  She replied that as soon as we were out of sight they got distracted by breadsticks and were totally fine.

Chris and I had a lovely (adult!) dinner and then walked all the way back to the apartment afterward (I thankfully brought a pair of flats with me – heels and cobblestones don’t work so well together).  We passed the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and countless restaurants and bars around Piazza Navona as we wound our way back home.  It was so fun to wander the same cobblestone streets together that we had both walked as college students studying abroad (long before we knew one another), and then again together a few weeks before we got engaged, and again now – nearly 6 years married with our 2 kiddos with us.  It was a perfect last night in one of our favorite cities, and it was impossible to feel anything but completely grateful for this beautiful life.


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