Coney Island!

Family | 8.07.17

SNEAKERS:  Gola  //  SHORTS:  Rag & Bone  //  SHIRT:  Zara (old)

We took the kids to Coney Island on Saturday and had the best time!  The little area of Luna Park that surrounds Deno’s Wonder Wheel (the massive ferris wheel – you can’t miss it) is full of rides that are perfect for little kids, and it has this kitschy, carnival vibe to it that feels so summery and fun.

We started off easy on the choo-choo train and I had to hold BOTH of their hands.

They quickly got in the swing of things and were eager to ride the boats by themselves (no adults allowed).

They loved it!  Every time they went past us Bella would scream “HI DADA!!!”  She is so funny.  🙂

Next up: the Merry-Go-Round.

We did a few more rides and then decided it was time for Declan and me to try the Sea Serpent Roller Coaster.  It was all fine until the first drop – D’s face captured here by the coaster cam.  That expression!!!

I didn’t realize the ride went around 3 times, so for the next 2 his little head was buried into me.

I felt so bad but I couldn’t stop laughing!  I thought he would be totally fine on this as when he was 2.5 yrs old we took him on the Toon Town roller coaster at Disneyland which was way bigger than this one, but clearly, he didn’t remember that.  At the end I said, ‘Wasn’t that so much fun??” and he gave me this LOOK and said “Mommy, that was fast and maybe a little too scary for me.”  So, after that traumatic experience, the logical next move was to go get ice cream.

Bella chose her outfit that day and I just die for this cute little tutu.  🙂

Anytime I kneel down to get close to them for a picture they both try to sit on me haha.  It seriously happens every single time.  Mom chair.

Mother-daughter ice cream face selfie!  🙂

We played a couple carnival games and won two stuffed animals (which they were super pumped about) and then it was time to head home.  Declan did NOT want to leave and declared “I want to stay here for 100 days!” (which is his favorite time metric often used interchangeably with ‘forever’).  We walked out to the boardwalk to check out the beach as we strolled back towards the car.  Bella found a beach cruiser she wanted to take home.

We neglected to bring a stroller (thinking the parking would be a *little* closer), and of course, both kids wanted to be carried before too long so we popped them both up on our shoulders.  I mostly had to hold Bella’s hands like I’m doing below . . .

. . . because when I didn’t this would happen.  🙂

We loved our visit to Coney Island and can’t wait to take the kids back again soon!

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