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Castello di Casole

Europe | 8.15.17

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During our week in Tuscany (where we stayed at a villa I rented through HomeAway), we decided to visit a beautiful resort nearby called Castello di Casole for lunch one day.  Perched atop a hill in the Tuscan countryside, we drove up a beautiful cypress-lined lane to arrive at the Castello.  The original structure dates back to the 10th century, and now (many renovations later) it exists as a beautiful boutique hotel.  The property is a whopping 4600 acres in total, and now encompasses many private villas (to rent or buy) and farmhouses.

The whole property was gorgeous, as evidenced by the fact that the pics above and below are merely the view from the resort’s parking lot.  We got out of the car, the kids saw a castle, and we immediately had to check it out (I *might* have told them that a princess lived there – gotta keep things interesting).

We had a delicious lunch at their restaurant, Bar Visconti, and the staff could not have been nicer or more accommodating to us and the kids (even though we showed up with no reservations).  Declan was especially excited as it was the only place we went during our trip that had french fries.  🙂

After lunch, we explored the grounds a bit more.  I definitely would not have minded having a sunset cocktail in this spot below overlooking the rolling hills of the Italian countryside.

More of the view from their beautiful terrace.  ⇓

The hotel is basically set up to look like a cute little Tuscan town.  Down this “street” were the spa facilities along with some other stuff (I stopped listening after spa).

I loved all of the beautiful old features they preserved and restored around the property.  ⇑  The kids were far more excited about the street made of little rocks (aka gravel).  ⇓

After a little while, we hopped back in the car to head home, passing beautiful sunflower fields along the way.

Both kids fell asleep in the car on the way, so were rested and ready to play in the pool when we got back to the villa.  A little while later, Arabella followed me into the house as I started to prep dinner.  After a few minutes, I heard her talking to herself on the stairs saying “Night night baby.  Shhhhhh.”  I peeked around the corner and found her sitting on the stairs putting her baby dolls down for a nap, all wrapped up in a towel as their blanket.  🙂  When she saw me she said “Baby go night night” and then started making snoring sounds.  She is so cute with her baby dolls and is such a good little mommy to them.  ♥

We ate dinner together outside as the sun was getting low in the sky.  I put Arabella to sleep first, and we let Declan stay up later to watch the fireflies come out (which normally started happening around 9-9:30pm).  He thought they were the coolest things ever (I have to agree with him).  There really is something so magical about fireflies.  One of them came into the house and Declan was very excited that his “little firefly friend” had come in to play.  🙂  We finally got him to go to bed (without the bug) and Chris and I went back outside to sit in the courtyard, drink some wine, watch the fireflies, and hatch a plan for how we could manage to stay here forever.  (Sadly, as I am writing this post from New York, that last part didn’t materialize, but we will always have our (well-documented!) memories.)


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