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Family | 10.17.17

Yesterday was the first day that really felt like fall in NYC, and I loved pulling out one of my cozy coats (and not being sweaty by the time I arrived at the office).  But before I officially bid farewell to this Indian summer, I wanted to reflect back on some of my favorite memories from the beach.  We had such a busy summer with travel, renovations out at the farmhouse, a super busy work schedule, weddings, visitors, etc. – all wonderful and exciting but I can’t believe how fast the last few months flew by.  One of our favorite places to go is our family beach house up in Rhode Island near the town of Watch Hill.  We were only able to get up there a few times this year, but they were some of our favorites weekends of the whole summer (including an amazing long 4th of July weekend).  This past Sunday night, Declan and I made a welcome home sign for Chris (who had been away on a boys golf weekend), and he was dictating things for me to write – mostly stuff he loved about his daddy and family.  One of the things he had me write was “I love Chris and love to bring him to the beach house and love to walk in the water with him and all of my family.”  I was cracking up because he switched from “daddy” to “Chris” – in school they have been learning about how people have first, middle and last names so every once in a while he will call us Chris and Melisa and it always makes me laugh.  Sidebar.  Anyway, we had so much fun together playing in the sand and water, building sandcastles by day and bonfires by night, making our first smores together (Arabella loved them, Declan only wanted to eat the chocolate), playing on the beach at sunset, blowing giant bubbles, having water balloon and water gun fights, finding sand crabs, flying a kite, watching fireworks, playing with sparklers, and falling asleep to the sound of the waves.  I just wanted to share a bunch of pics from those times below, before I officially cast aside summer and fully embrace the fall.  I am already excited to go back next year.  🙂

Always wants to be nudie at the beach ⇑  She loves sunnies just like mommy ⇑  Favorite game: Race you to the water! ⇓

The most gorgeous light

Arabella always wanted me to hold her and walk down towards the water.  She would just snuggle in with her head on my shoulder and give me the best hugs while watching and listening to the waves.  Sometimes she wouldn’t move for so long I was sure she was asleep, but she wasn’t – just totally happy to be cuddling by the ocean.


My people.  🙂

Fourth of July party 🙂

Declan’s faces in this series crack me up.  🙂  They are both such silly monkeys.  Also, I was holding about 70 lbs worth of kids in this pic so this photo-op only lasted about 30 seconds.  I took the same pic last summer and posted side by sides here – can’t believe how much they have both grown in the last year.

I love this boy so much.  I realized this summer that I had been taking more pics with Bella lately, and that’s mostly a function of me holding her more as Declan is generally running around like a wild man (or just generally more interested in playing than taking a pic).  When we were on the beach this night though he really wanted me to hold him, which I was more than happy to do.  We did lots of spins in the sand until we were both super dizzy, and I also got some great hugs which was the best part by far.

I love how the late afternoon sun makes the sea grass shimmer ⇓

We would let Declan sit on our laps to drive down the sand road by our house and it always made him so happy.  🙂

Sparklers on the 4th of July.

More sparkler fun with long exposures.

Beach bonfire!  Declan loved helping Chris dig the hole, set up the wood and light the bonfire.  He was always so proud to show me their handiwork.

Roasting marshmallows together for the first time!

Farewell summer at the beach . . . until next year!

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