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Pumpkin Patch

Family | 11.21.17

We found the cutest place near our house in Bucks County called Hellerick’s Family Farm and went back 4 times between mid-September and Halloween!  The pumpkins were what initially attracted us, but they had so many other fun things for the kids – farm animals, playgrounds, rubber ducky races, a potato slingshot, pumpkin rolls, a corn maze, U-Pick flowers, etc. and even an aerial rope course for those 7+ yrs old.  Here are a few pics from our (many!) trips to this great little place (hence why we are in so many outfits – I wasn’t running back to change me and the kids in the car I swear).

I got this awesome backpack, and it’s so great for running to the farmer’s market or to pick up fresh flowers.  We ended up not picking our own flowers here because there were a bunch of bees and it freaked the kids out.  (FINE, me too.)  But it did come in handy for grabbing a bunch of dried corn to use as decorations around our house for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I brought it with me every time we went.

They had these great big wagons you could pull around the grounds so you could maximize your pumpkin haul, but they also worked great for transporting young kids.  🙂

I love her sweet face in this picture above so much!  ⇑

They also had chickens, goats, sheep and bunnies which were a big hit with Declan and Arabella.

And lots of playgrounds, including this wooden tractor with a slide off the back.  The kids were in heaven!

These were some of the pretty flowers we didn’t pick because of the bees.  🙂  ⇓

But we did take home some dried corn and pumpkins for carving.

And maybe tried to eat a pumpkin or two.

And maybe also some corn.  (Yes, we do feed her I promise.)

Bella loved sitting on this “Baa” but she did NOT like it when I tried to leave her alone on a hay bale for a second to take her picture.

So we needed immediate hugs to recover from the Great Hay Bale Abandonment of 2017 ⇓

It was rough but we worked through it.


Declan had so much fun running all over the place that I didn’t get many pics of him on these trips, but I love this one below.  He is so happy when we are out at the farmhouse together and playing outside.  He has gone from literally not getting out of the car this summer because of all the “bees and bugs and flying things” so now running all over the place, chasing our neighbors chickens and turkeys, going on “adventure walks” a mile down the creek (with an adult of course), and bringing (MANY) fuzzy caterpillars inside to show them to me.  I love how adventurous he is becoming (and how he is shaking off some of the city kid neuroses we were starting to worry about – when he was 1 he was literally afraid of grass).

The kids were never ready to leave this fun place, but eventually we would wrangle them back to the car (protest stance and all). ⇓

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We will be with family on Thursday and back out to the country for the weekend where I plan to get in full-on Christmas decorating mode.  I am so excited.  🙂


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