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Family | 1.12.18

We are so thrilled to share that Baby Melling #3 is on its way . . . and (as the pictures above announce) we’re having another boy!  I still can’t believe that we are going to have 3 kids.  🙂  We wanted to do something fun to tell Declan and Bella whether they were going to get a baby brother or a baby sister, and a friend of mine had done one of these cute gender reveal balloons.  I ordered mine at Balloon Saloon in TriBeCa and it was perfect!  Our next door neighbors are the sweetest and we recruited them to come over to take pictures and video to capture the moment for us.  Everyone who saw these pics on insta thought we had a professional photographer come to our apt but it was just our friend using my camera (well done Marissa!).  I was the only one who knew the sex, so Chris and the kids were all surprised.  As soon as he saw the blue confetti Declan yelled “YESSS!!!  I KNEW IT!”  hahaha.  He had really been hoping for a baby brother, I think in large part because his best friend at school just had a baby brother named Tommy, which is now the name he is dead set on for our little guy.  A close runner-up he came up with earlier this week is Skawatchi (no idea where he got that one).  Middle name: Boat.  So, so far we’ve got Tommy or Skawatchi Boat Melling.  Please feel free to send us more options.

Bella still doesn’t totally understand what’s happening, but she loved popping the balloon.  Every day since, when I come home from work she runs to greet me and says “Mommy, pop balloon??”  I think she thinks we’re going to do this all the time and always seems a little disappointed when I don’t have a balloon with me.  Also, when I told her “I have a baby in my tummy!” she looked at me, pulled up her shirt and pointed to her tummy and goes “Me too!”  So no, she doesn’t really get what’s going on just yet.  I love the age they are both at so much right now – they keep us laughing all the time.  🙂

Declan especially has been so incredibly sweet.  Telling him that I was pregnant a couple weeks ago was seriously one of my favorite memories as a mother to date.  We were in a booth at a diner out in the country and I said “Declan, guess what?  I have a baby in my tummy, and you’re going to be a big brother again!” and he looked and me and goes “WHAT!?!?  YES!!!!!!!!” and then throws himself on me and starts hugging my belly and giving it kisses.  He did this about 5 more times during our lunch.  The first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is ask to see my tummy, and it’s also the first thing he asks to see when I get home from work at night (generally followed by “It’s SO BIG” and then more belly kisses).  It is so cute.  Although, he also said my butt was “So big” over the weekend, and that was markedly less cute.  But he really is the sweetest kid – we’ll be sitting on the couch or bed or something and he will spontaneously say “Mommy, I just really love the baby.”  Even writing this post is making my heart swell.  I love what a loving and sensitive little person he is, and seeing his reaction has been one of the best parts of this pregnancy so far.  He’s so much more aware of what’s going on compared to when I got pregnant with Bella (he was 18 months old then and really didn’t have a clue what was going on).  I can’t wait to meet our new little man this summer and can’t wait to see the kids meet him too.  A family of 5 . . . still having a hard time wrapping my head around that one!

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good now – very happy the barfy phase seems to be nearing/at its end.  It really is just the worst to feel like you are always about to throw up.  I tried B6 and it did nothing for me but this time around I also tried these ginger pills on my doctor’s recommendation and they really seemed to help.  If you or anyone you know is suffering from morning sickness I highly recommend them!  Anyway, when I was feeling awful it was a challenge to just get through the day and most days I would come home, eat dinner and just get in bed.  Even scrolling on insta or online made me feel sick, so I really didn’t feel up to posting anything on here for a while.  But, now I’m feeling better so hopefully can get back on a more consistent schedule.  Anyway, thank you for sharing in our excitement at this happy time for our growing family!  xoxo


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