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The Brooklyn Museum

Culture | 2.09.18

As I was thinking of fun activities for us to do this weekend in the city, I started looking up exhibitions at a bunch of museums to see if there was anything interesting.  Going to a museum with the kids is such a great cold weather activity, and something we haven’t done at all this year as we have been out of the city most weekends since the fall.  There is an awesome Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum that I think we might check out, which reminded me of a fun trip we had there last winter (pre-blog, so I thought I would share these pics).  I can’t believe how little Bella looks just 11 months ago!  (Although to be fair, that was about 37% of her life ago).

This amazing room is called the Beaux-Arts Court, and it is really incredible in person.  There were a handful of kids dancing around on the big open floor.   Bella was fascinated by the big chandelier hanging from the glass ceiling.

Shortly after we got in the car to drive home the kids passed out (yay car naps!) so Chris grabbed us some coffee and we drove all around Brooklyn for an hour or so.  We spent some time wandering through Red Hook, which is where we found a ton of awesome murals along this one street near the waterfront (like the one below).  Seeing these pics reminded me I want to go back to explore that area more when the weather gets warmer.  I hope you all have a great weekend!


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