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Hearts & Rain & Rainbows & Love

Family | 2.14.18

DECLAN & BELLA’S RAINCOATS:  Mini Boden  //  DECLAN & BELLA’S PJS:  Hanna Andersson  //  HEART SUNGLASSES:  Amazon  //  MY RAINCOAT:  Barbour (old, similar here and less expensive version here) //  MY SWEATER:  La Ligne  //  MY JEANS: Luxe Essentials Denim Maternity  //  MY BOOTS:  Rag & Bone

This past weekend we had a brunch playdate with one of Declan’s friends who lives in DUMBO, and we parked right next to the coolest mural that’s painted along the side of the BQE (also pictured here).  As we left the playdate to head back to our car it started raining like crazy!  The kids, of course, thought this was awesome (especially in their little raincoats that kept them nice and dry).  Chris snapped a couple quick pics of us before we jumped in the car.  They are a little blurry, but I love the colors and remembering how the kids were giggling and running around in the rain.  🙂  They had BEGGED to wear their new heart PJs to the playdate and, picking my battles these days, I figured why not.  When the PJs are this cute I think they can totally work as clothes, right?

I guess there is no better time to reflect on love than on Valentine’s Day, and when I look at these two kids I am just overwhelmed by how MUCH I love them.  Chris and I had only been married a year when I got pregnant with Declan, and I remember thinking that I loved Chris with all my heart – how could there possibly be room in there to love someone else as much?  And then Declan was born and everything changed – my heart grew 100 times bigger and I knew a love so much greater than anything else I had previously experienced.  There was more than enough love to go around, and actually, having Declan made me love Chris even more – seeing him be such an amazing father, and the bond we have from building our little family together brought us even closer.  It was the best feeling in the world.  Then, when I was pregnant with Bella, I had a similar concern – how could I love another child as much as my first?  Would it feel different?  Would I have enough time and room in my heart to love them both the way they deserved?  And it was a different feeling, in that again, I felt like my heart just expanded and an even bigger love than I ever knew was possible completely filled me.  Bella is such an angel and a light in all our lives, and seeing Declan and Chris love her and interact with her has made me love them even more too, which I didn’t even think was possible!  So, I am a lot less concerned with Baby #3, because I know I will love him just as much, and am so excited for him to bring even more love into our (not so) little family.  It’s easy to get caught up with all the bad things happening in the world and/or the stress that permeates our daily lives, but I have been making a much bigger effort to keep my focus on our family, on the love we have for each other, on all the things we have to be grateful for, and on being present in the moment with them to soak in every drop as it all goes so fast.  So I love these blurry pics and the expressions on their faces and remembering their giggles running around in the rain and how pumped they were when I got those super cheap heart sunglasses for us all to wear and how we went home after and made valentines and cuddled on the couch together by the fire.  So on this Valentine’s Day, my heart couldn’t be more full of love and gratitude (and clearly I am also full of preggo hormones making me all emotional), and I hope your days and hearts are full of the same.  ♥

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