Location | Newport Beach

Balboa Island

California | 2.21.18

We arrived in California last Friday night (after spending 10 hours on the plane including a refueling stop in Salt Lake City thanks to strong headwinds – UGH) and caught the tail end of some warm 70 degree weather.  The heat wave of the prior week seems to have moved east, as tomorrow the high in Newport Beach is 58 degrees and in NYC it is 72 degrees which simultaneously seems both wrong and unfair (especially seeing as it’s my birthday!).  Knowing it was going to be one of the warmest days of our week in CA, we decided to head to Balboa Island for some fun time at the “beach” with the kids.   It’s not exactly an ocean beach as it is just a small island in Newport Harbor, but Declan & Arabella love this spot so much because the sand is really soft, the water calm, and we always find a bunch of clam shells to take home and paint with watercolors (one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid).  🙂  And the boats are always fun to look at too.  The late afternoon sun felt heavenly and we just hung out here until the sun went down.  It feels great to be home.

SO happy to be back at a beach. ♥

Rebel ⇓

Bella was feeling extra lovey this day and needed to either be in my arms or holding my hand constantly.  No complaints here when I was getting such sweet hugs and kisses the whole time. ♥


Declan always wants to check up on “baby Tommy” in my belly.  Honestly, at this point we have officially added Tommy to our short list of names because there is a good chance he will be called Tommy no matter what we actually name him – Declan is completely set on it.  He has been so excited and sweet about his baby brother – always hugging and kissing my tummy, and talking to the baby (or more like yelling at him haha).  It has been really fun to go through this pregnancy with him so aware and excited about it.

Chris found the coolest starfish right near the shoreline.  The kids were fascinated but didn’t want touch it because it was covered in little spines that made it a bit prickly.

I am so incredibly grateful for these sweet kids and have no idea how I got so lucky as to be their mama.  ♥


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