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The Flower Fields

California | 4.29.18

When we were recently in California for Easter/spring break we got to visit these gorgeous flower fields in Carlsbad.  It was basically a rainbow of row after row of ranunculus (say that 5 times fast) and I was in absolute heaven.  They also had tractor rides, a playground, a fun slough mining activity for kids (where they got a bucket of dirt full of different types of stones like jade and tiger eye and they would put it in a sieve in water and shake it back and forth to see what kind of treasure they got – Declan and Bella loved it!) plus ice cream, lemonade and fresh strawberry stands.  (And right across the street was an In-n-Out Burger, which is I think the only reason Chris agreed to go. 🙂 )  Everything is in peak bloom now through mid-May so if you are in the area I highly recommend checking them out!  It was a really fun afternoon activity with the kids, and I brought home some gorgeous ranunculus that my mom said lasted for well over a week.

MY JEANS: Luxe Essentials Denim Maternity  //  MY T-SHIRT: H&M MAMA  //  MY KIMONO: Anthropologie (old), similar here, here, here, here, here and here

I got a bunch of DMs about my t-shirt and jeans from this pic so wanted to share the links.  They are both so comfy and at great price points.

The many attempts at a nice photo of the 4 of us.  The struggle is real.  🙂

Three generations 🙂

Love her snuggles ♥.

And her kisses ♥.  (And that’s Declan hiding under my kimono in the back.)

Always my stylist.  ⇓

Always fun with Poppy and CeCe! ⇓

These pics below crack me up.  Bella is obsessed with the movie Tangled right now and so she was wrapping my hair around her hand and singing to it to “heal her boo-boo.”  🙂

Love Bella’s face in these.  🙂

Love this sweet boy ♥.

Her curls ♥ ⇓

Declan was super excited about the lemonade stand.  ⇓

And Bella was equally excited about the ice cream stand.  ⇓

The faces she makes when she eats ice cream make me so happy.  🙂

Still just two lovebirds, even after almost 50 years of marriage. ♥

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