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Family Pics Before Baby

Family | 8.06.18

Photos by Lindsey Belle

The last 4 weeks since baby Jack’s arrival have been full of a lot of wonderful things, but coherent thoughts have not been one of them.  Hoping my newborn mama brain fog lifts soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share these family photos that we took a couple weeks before his arrival (I was right around 37 weeks).  We were actually supposed to take these back at the end of May, but rescheduled because the weather was bad and originally we thought we’d take them outside.  Then, on the rescheduled day it also rained!  So it became an indoor shoot instead (which actually worked out even better as it allowed me to change my outfit twice 🙂 ).  Our amazing photographer Lindsey Belle actually came over early on a Thursday morning and we did the whole shoot in about an hour before Chris and I headed off to work.  I can’t believe how many great photos she got – too many to put in just one post so I will share the rest in another post or two soon.  But I loved these pics that have all of us in them (as opposed to a bunch of maternity shots of mostly just me).  I’m so happy to have these photos of our family of 4 right before we became a family of 5!

I love Declan’s expressions in the pics below crack me up. 🙂

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