Jack’s Nursery

Family | 10.11.18

I am so excited to share these photos of Jack’s nursery for two reasons: 1) I love how cute and cozy the room turned out (Chris says it’s his favorite room in our whole apartment), and 2) because I put this together using all of our old nursery furniture (same crib, side table, glider, storage ottoman, rug and changing table (not pictured)) that both Declan and Arabella used, with just a couple decorative updates (new bedding and wall art) to make the room feel new and fresh and special for Jack.  Poor kid is going to have to live with hand-me-downs forever.  🙂

When we had Arabella we were living in a 2 bedroom apartment and decided to have the kids share a room from the beginning.  I have a good friend with 4 kids who told me it was great to have kids share rooms because they get used to each other’s noises and can sleep through just about anything after that.  Sounded great, and Declan had always been a great sleeper so we decided to give it a go.  Well, the first 6 months were a disaster, and on more than one occasion you could have found me in a puddle of exhausted tears asking Chris WHY we thought this STUPID plan made any sense OMG what had we DONE?!  But, then (finally) it started to work well.  Not in the sense that we as parents got much rest (don’t be silly!), but they did at least get used to sleeping through each other’s noises as promised, and I think having them share a room has helped give them an even stronger sibling bond.  All that said, we did not want to repeat those first 6 months with Jack, so we moved into a 3 bedroom place (when I was 8 months pregnant) so Jack could have his own space and the older kids wouldn’t have their sleep completely disrupted this time around.  So far this plan seems to be working out better for everyone (hoping I didn’t just jinx it).

In designing Jack’s room, I wanted to create a sweet, calm and cozy space.  I found this cute sheep tapestry on Pottery Barn Kids back in June, but it is not available anymore.  A couple similar options from RH Baby & Child are here and here.

The baby farm animal prints came from Magnolia Market, but are also unfortunately no longer available.  I bought those over a year ago and had originally intended to put them in our farmhouse, but never found the right spot for them there.  When we moved into this apartment I knew they would be perfect in Jack’s room.  Declan and Bella have also loved pointing out all these baby farm animals and telling us what sounds they make.  🙂  Here are a couple similar options I found on Etsy: Baby Farm Animals and Safari Animals.

One new addition to the nursery this time around was the SNOO Smart Sleeper.  This thing is AMAZING.  Wow.  I so wish we had had this with Declan and Bella.  If you haven’t heard about it, it is this new baby bassinet developed by Dr. Harvey Karp who wrote the baby soothing/sleep bible The Happiest Baby On The Block.  It has a built-in swaddle and the base moves gently while playing white noise to soothe your newborn.  It also connects to an app on your smartphone to track when and how long your baby is sleeping.  Jack would definitely sleep much longer when we had him in that vs just in the crib.  He is now 3 months old and sleeps in his crib for the most part, but will still nap in the SNOO sometimes, and if he is ever fussy we will put him in there and it calms him right down.  We were lucky enough to borrow this from a friend, which was great as they are quite pricey and I’m not sure we would have shelled out for one given Jack is (most likely <- still caveating) our last baby.  But another close friend of mine rented one for the first couple months which sounded like a great option as well (I know that is available in NYC and LA at least).  However, if you are having a baby and know you want to have more kids, I definitely think this is worth the investment.  I also think it has a great design aesthetic.

He looks so little in these pics!  Chris took them when he was right around 2 months old – I can’t believe how much he has grown in just a month. (Hold on, I’m gonna go cry brb.)

Jack loves to look out the window at the bridge and watch the boats going up and down the river.  When he is in his crib he loves to stare up at his furry sheep friends.  🙂  I think the contrast and texture of the sheep worked great for his baby eyes.  We also now have this mobile which is ugly but he is obsessed with it.  He will happily watch this thing for 30+ minutes at a time and just be riveted.

This kid is always smiling.  🙂

I loved these cute floating elephant crib sheets and linen crib bumper from RH Baby & Child.

Most of all though Jack loves to watch his big brother . . .

And Declan feels the same way about baby Jack.  🙂  These two boys make my heart explode on just about a daily basis.  I love watching Declan be such a sweet and caring big brother.

And THIS GUY is just about the happiest baby who has ever lived!  His sweet smile lights up my life and he has stolen all of our hearts.  He definitely got the memo about being the 3rd kid and that it would be great if he could be super easygoing and happy and just go with the flow.  So thank you Jack Jack – you’re the best!  🙂


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