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Snow at the Farm

Family | 3.15.19


A few weeks ago we went out to the country for a wonderful 5 days of just hanging out together while the kids were on winter break.  It also happened to be my birthday, so I took a few days off work and enjoyed the time away (and especially loved that it didn’t involve dealing with an airport).  Our first day out there we had a little snowstorm and it was so pretty to see the property all covered in a blanket of snow.  Chris and I ran outside to just walk around a little bit (don’t worry, there was another adult inside with the kids).  Maybe it’s because I was raised in southern California and didn’t grow up with snow (and never had to shovel a driveway or hack ice off a windshield), but I still love it and get so excited when it snows.  I love watching the snowflakes fall, and how silent and peaceful the fields and woods become.  As we walked around the only sound you could hear was our boots in the snow.

I got a bunch of DMs about this hat when I posted a pic on Instagram –  I found it on Etsy a few years ago (the shop name is Ozetta).  It looks like the shop doesn’t make them anymore, but you can buy the crochet pattern here.  (And maybe if you emailed the shop owner they might do a custom order?)  I thought the oversized pixie style was so cute.  My mittens are also old and from Etsy and that store doesn’t seem to exist anymore, but I found some similar ones here.  The scarf I actually knitted myself over a decade ago when I went through a VERY short lived yet intense knitting obsession one winter.

I love how our old red barn looks against the fresh white snow.  ♥  Also love this handsome fellow.

After our little walk in the snow, it was back inside to the warm fire and lots of baby snuggles.  Since I work in an office 50+ hours a week and am away from the kids most of their waking hours Monday – Friday, I basically spend my weekends with at least 1 child attached to me at all times.  Currently, my little guy is the easiest lift and the one most likely to fall asleep on me which is the best thing ever.  His big sister is also still a big consumer of cuddles and frequent requester of “uppies” which I have decided is basically the same thing as going to the gym and a completely acceptable substitution (also I enjoy it a lot more).  Declan’s preferred cuddle times are bedtime (in his bed) and starting sometime between 4-6am (in our bed).  I soak them all up as much as I can.

I’ve used this baby bassinet with all 3 kids.  I can’t remember where it’s from or who gave it to me, but it has been the best and makes me happy every time I look at it.  Baby Jack is definitely too big for it now, but no chance I am giving this away.  😉

His smiles just melt me.  His little outfit is from Misha & Puff which makes the most darling knitwear for kids.

Including this pic too because who doesn’t love a cute baby matching a couch?  Also, I clearly have a thing for buffalo check.  Also, eyelashes.

It’s looking like this was probably our last snow for the season and I am already getting excited for spring.  I can’t wait to watch our garden come back to life and hopefully get our little herb and vegetable garden started.

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