Atherley Lane

The older I get the more acutely I feel that time accelerates as we age, and am reminded on an all-to-regular basis that the human memory is fallible.  Everyone has experiences where they think they will never forget a particular moment, how they felt and how everything looked for as long as they live.  But then years pass, memories fade, and those incredible feelings and images are foggy or forgotten altogether.  That is why I started this blog – I feel like I am watching my babies grow so quickly right before my eyes, and there are so many wonderful, sweet, funny, magical moments that I experience with my family on a regular basis that I want to preserve.  I never want to forget the love and wonder in those moments and the amazing times we shared together, whether it was traveling the world or simply cuddling in bed.  I hope to look back on these memories and photos when my babies are old and grown to relive these times, and hope that they can look back on them to know how truly and deeply they are loved . . . and how much fun we had together along the way.  So please follow along if you would like, and don’t forget to capture some of your own sweet moments along the way – I promise you will be happy you did.

Melisa Melling

Currently living in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and 3 kids, I have been an avid photographer since 2006.  Initially my photography centered on travel, but as my life changed over the last decade, so did my subject matter.  I still love to travel, but much of my photos now focuses on family portraiture.  I have always been drawn to a more photojournalistic approach, and am obsessed with capturing those candid moments of real emotion.  The love between a parent and child, the innocence of a baby, the joy of a family, the spirit of a place.